It’s not always easy owning a dog.  The dreams we have of how wonderful it will be don’t always come to fruition.  When things go wrong it can leave us feeling frustrated and diminish the close relationship between ourselves and our canine companion.

My job is to identify why the dog is struggling to behave as expected in our often complex world, and devise a behaviour modification plan to get things back on track.


Full Behavioural Consultation

An holistic approach which considers all aspects of the dog’s life.  This service includes an in-depth assessment of all the dog’s behavioural issues and contributing factors.  Following the assessment you will receive a step by step behaviour modification plan.  Cost £195

Follow up sessions

Follow up sessions for training support or reviewing progress. Cost: £45 (up to 60 minutes)


Qualifications and methods

I take a kind, gentle, and scientific approach to working with animals. I hold a foundation degree (with distinction) in Applied Canine Behaviour & Training and  a First Class BSc (Hons) degree in Canine Behaviour Management.  My methods are based on positive reinforcement and building a good relationship between dog and owner. I never use force, fear or intimidation. I never use choke chains, prong collars or shock collars.

There is no hard sell. I’m here to help you if you want help. I’ve written many articles which are freely available from my blog.  I also founded and run the Facebook group, Canine Enrichment, which encourages dog owners to engage their dogs in fun and interesting activities. The group is recommended by trainers, behaviourists, vets and rescue centres around the world

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